Meet the Team

Ed Wood

Lead Yoga Teacher

Ed Wood started Yogafurie Hot Yoga back in 2012 and has seen it grow ever since. Ed Wood also runs hot yoga and yoga teacher training courses.

He brings all this experience to his friendly and informal classes.

Ed has always been interested in the anatomy and eastern practices. Before becoming a hot yoga teacher, Ed was a Tai Chi instructor. Ed has a background of martial arts, including as a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Sinead Duncan

Yoga Teacher

You’ll find me teaching in our hot yoga classes, leading our retreats, assisting on our Teacher Training courses, or working behind our reception desk.

I am passionate about yoga as a tradition and hot yoga as a practice. For me hot yoga is the perfect medicine, it helps us to become present and to tune in to our bodies. This helps to manage stress levels, build strength and flexibility, boost confidence and improve our mood and sleep patterns. I take a keen interest in how the body moves and what we can do to boost our health and vitality – physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you see me, come say hi!

Morven Hamilton

Course Leader for Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training

She has been teaching and mentoring on yoga teacher training programmes since 2012. Her previous experience as a language and music teacher and university lecturer has given her almost two decades of teaching and group facilitation experience. During her time working as a teacher, teacher trainer and group facilitator she has seen yoga radically transform people’s lives.

She has worked extensively with people seeking the therapeutic benefits of yoga, including those suffering from anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression, CFS, COPD, cancer and those recovering from injury.

In 2011 Morven began her work at Penny Brohn Cancer Care in Bristol, the flagship centre for the UK’s leading complementary cancer care organisation. From 2011 to 2016 she worked closely with Penny Brohn clients, running yoga courses for people with cancer and their loved ones.

Over the years her approach has evolved into Healing the Whole Person, a mindful, whole-person approach to yoga for cancer. Mindfulness has played an increasingly important role in her own practice and daily life, and is integral to her teaching style. She has trained on the Breathworks Mindfulness for Health teacher training programme, directed by Vidyamala Burch.

Morven worked as a  course facilitator at Penny Brohn Cancer Care for several years, delivering the Living Well course, a two-day intensive course for people coping with the impact of cancer. She works on a group and one to one basis with cancer patients and has run retreats and workshops for people with a diagnosis and their loved ones.

Laura Owen


I have always loved yoga, I have been practising it since I was 15 years old. I think it’s amazing how it can take all the stresses of everyday life and just melt them away. Now that I am working in a hot yoga studio I have discovered a whole new side to yoga and I just love the way that the heat enhances your movement and focus, so if I’m not at the reception desk you will definitely see me in one of the classes! 🙂

Sharon Zurybida


I am a yoga lover myself and currently studying for a diploma as a personal trainer but yoga is where it’s at for me!
I love all things vegan and love to cook lots of plant based food and also love a bit if wine every now and then!
Come and say hi, I’m really friendly!


Behind Reception Desk

When I’m not making a great double act with Ed, I’m busy hanging out behind reception.

I know A LOT about Yoga as I’m around for a lot of the Teacher Training and other courses. If you have any questions, I’m quite easy to get a hold of as I’ll always be at the studio.

Dominique Picot

Yoga Teacher

What may start as simply breath and movement (vinyasa) could spiral into an entire emotional, physical and even spiritual transformation!

I have so many inspirations in yoga and bring a flavour of it all to my classes. My style is energetic and uplifting which invites people to feel at ease and playful. From powerful flows to deep relaxation and meditation, I weave themes and postures into a fluid practice.

Teaching in stages allows students to discover for themselves a practice sweet to their own needs. I cue alignment, breath and sensation so as to support and guide our movement.
Take a step onto the mat and tap into that delightful power source within!

Kate Samways

Yoga Teacher

I particularly enjoy incorporating anatomy and physiology with the traditional practices of yoga.
My aim is to keep the sessions upbeat; allowing you to focus on thoroughly moving your body and simultaneously working to get out of your headspace.
My other job sees me working in TV – often at a desk – so yoga is my space all to myself to breathe and unwind.
I realise there are many different reasons why people come to hot yoga, so please do come and chat to me, if you’d like, about your experiences so far.
See you on the mat soon!

Aaron Mulhern

Yoga Teacher

It’s a bit like tea; I don’t feel quite right without it and yet what makes it special is hard to get across.

When I am not at the studio teaching or practising I am generally chilling out with my three year old son or reading (anatomy and sports books if I feel proactive, fantasy if I need some down time).

If you ever have any questions then be sure to ask me, I’m always learning but I love to share what I’ve discovered so far.

Jemitra Hairston

Yoga Teacher

Jemitra has been teaching since 2004 and has been practicing yoga in its myriad forms for almost 20 years. She completed her foundational teacher training at Tranquil Space Yoga in
Washington, DC. Since then, Jemitra has gone on to complete additional teacher trainings and workshops with yoga luminaries around the world, including Karen’s Yoga Anatomy course at Meadowlark Yoga in Edinburgh.

Jemitra also co-developed a comprehensive yoga teacher training program which she helped to develop. Jemitra’s classes are grounded in anatomy with plenty of hands on adjustments. Her love of storytelling expresses itself throughout her classes which are like moving stories with a beginning, climax, and ending.  Sprinkled throughout her classes are anecdotes, ancient wisdom, poems, and stories that remind you that all of life is an adventure and you are the hero.

Kate Hardcastle

Yoga Teacher

Yoga has been a part of my life since, helping to manage life’s ups and downs, including two pregnancies. I find huge joy through practicing and love to share this with others. I offer a friendly, innovative and nurturing approach to yoga.  My classes are accessible to all from complete beginners to regular practitioners; I work with you and your practice. Be prepared to go to your edge and be supported with every breath.

I also work as a careers adviser with 15-16 year olds, helping them navigate decisions about their future, and when I’m not practicing and teaching, you will find me enjoying my time with my gorgeous boys.

Joy Van

Yoga Teacher

As someone who had never previously considered myself to be particularly well-coordinated or physically capable, yoga was the first thing I found which doesn’t matter how strong, bendy or balanced you are; there’s something accessible to everyone. I was hooked, and have watched with fascination what yoga has done for me; building strength and resilience not only physically but mentally too.
I’ve been practising at Yogafurie for several years and have loved how an energetic and mindful practice in the heat has given me all-round benefits. I completed the teacher training course in 2018 and I’m excited to be able to share the benefits I’ve found in yoga through teaching.
I like to think my class style is energetic but fun.  We work hard but within our limits; wobbles and laughter are welcome.
Outside of the studio my other job as a Social Worker, you’ll find me spending time with loved ones or eating my way around Bristol.
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